Many mental health professionals open a private practice to help more people and make more $$$. The problem is they lack a clear plan to generate growth and attract new clients.

In this podcast we interview private practice owners and digital marketers to give you business development and marketing strategies to grow your private practice or your caseloads.

At the end of the day, we want you enjoy the freedom of having a pipeline of new clients and becoming the #1 trusted private practice in your community. Because when you build a sustainable & profitable private practice you can create a life you love!

Who is this for?
✔️ Therapists
✔️ Psychologists
✔️ Psychiatrists
✔️ Private Practice Owners

If you're in the people helping profession this podcast is for you!

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Latest Episodes

How to Transition a Group Practice to 100% Private Pay

Brent and Megan Humphreys, the owner of Thrive Couples Counseling, talk about how to transition a group practice to 100% private pay.

Why Your Website Needs a Privacy Policy

Donata and Brent talk about why mental health professionals need a Privacy Policy if you're receiving new client requests from your website.

What To Do When Someone Wants to Buy Your Counseling Practice

Brian and Brent talk about the different types of potential organizations that are looking to consolidate and buy mental health private practices.

How to Attract and Keep Top Talent Without Paying Them TOP Dollar (Or Going Broke)

Brent and Jamey discuss best hiring practices for private practices.

3 Solid Strategies for Creating a Successful & Sustainable Private Pay Practice

Dr. Deb Legge and Brent talk about the core strategies for creating and sustaining a private pay practice, focusing on the foundation, mindset, and plan of an owner!

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