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Setting Up And Running SUCCESSFUL Facebook Ad Campaigns with Curtis Pierce from Hip Hippo Digital Marketing Agency

Curtis Pierce, founder of Hip Hippo, a digital marketing agency and learning hub for small businesses shares the common pitfalls to avoid when running Facebook ads for...

Social Media Marketing Insight with Layla Griffin From Brand Your Practice

Social Media Manager Layla Griffin outlines some great strategies for setting up and executing a social media plan for small businesses.

Naming Your Private Practice, Scaling, & Avoiding Burnout with Natasha Knoff from Evergreen Counseling

Natasha started a private practice just a few years ago and it has GROWN! She shares her marketing ideas and also her personal story on burnout.

Marketing Your Private Practice with Referral Sources with Dr. David Norton

Referral sources are a powerful way to market your private practice. Dr. David Norton will share how he grew his private practice using referral sources.

How To Grow Your Private Practice With Hustle & Grit - Alexandra Hoerr - Optimum Joy Clinical Counseling

Alexandra Hoerr is the owner and a therapist at Optimum Joy Clinical Counseling in Chicago, IL. They have a fantastic blog you need to check out. Their Instagram accou...

Brand Your Practice Podcast Intro

Introduction to Brand Your Practice Podcast with Brent Stutzman

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