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Brent Stutzman

owner of Brand Your Practice, Inc.

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Creating a Team Culture that Retains Clinicians & Grows Your Brand

Brent sits down with Alex Heorr, the owner of Optimum Joy Clinical Counseling, a multi-state, group practice that’s based in Chicago, Illinois, to talk about how to cr...

The Five Levers of Cash Flow

Brent sits down with Nate Hendrikse, owner of Navigator Bookkeeping, to discuss the three levers of cash flow.LINKS for GuestNavigator Bookkeeping WebsiteLINKS for Sho...

How to Build An Internal Training System To Level Up Your Therapists’ Clinical Skills

Brent sits down with Susan Stutzman, LCPC, RPT-S and owner of Kid Matters Counseling in Hinsdale, IL. They talk about how to build out an internal training system to l...

How to Do Intensive Therapy Retreats

Brent sits down to chat with Dr. Kathleen Kelly, founder of Syrona Counseling Retreats in Winter Springs, Florida. They discuss how to conduct successful intensive cou...

How to Brand and Market a Faith-Based Practice

Brent sits down with Whitney Owens, licensed professional counselor, group practice owner, and faith-based private practice consultant, to talk about how to brand and ...

The 3 Pillars of a Productive Practice

Brent sits down with Uriah Guilford to talk about The 3 Pillars of a Productive Therapist. This episode will help listeners learn how to grow their group practice, whi...

Behind the Scenes of Melvin Varghese’s Mastermind

Today on the Brand Your Practice Podcast we’re going behind the scenes into Melvin Varghese’s STC Elite Mastermind where therapists gather to build and grow an online ...

How Practice Owners Can Expedite Learning & Connection At Scale with Michael Diettrich-Chastain

Brent interviews Michael Diettrich-Chastain, a leading expert on peak performance in the workplace. In this episode, they discuss ways that group practice owners can e...

3 Challenges of Transitioning to a Group Practice with Kasey Compton

Brent sits down with Kasey Compton to talk about the 3 biggest challenges for practice owners transitioning to a group practice.Kasey Compton is on a mission to help b...

4 Financial Planning Fundamentals for Group Practice Owners with David Frank

Brent and David Frank, founder of Turning Point Planning, discuss the 4 Financial Planning Fundamentals for Group Practice Owners.LINKS for Guest:Turning Point Plannin...

How to Hire the Right People for Your Practice with Dr. Jamey Schrier

Brent sits down again with Dr. Jamey Schrier, a physical therapist, former private practice owner, author of The Practice Freedom Method and founder of Practice Freedo...

How to Book NEW Clients Quickly: An Intake Playbook

Brent sits down with Keri Sawyer, owner of Bloom Child Therapists, to give you a step-by-step sales & intake guide starting from when a potential client fills out a fo...

3 Ways Practice Owners Can Think Like Business Owners

Brent and Jordan Geiser, a marketing consultant at Brand Your Practice, share how practice owners can think like business owners.

Hiring Contractors vs Employees for Private Practices

Brent sits down with Daniel Mayer, a Maryland-based attorney and the principal attorney of Mayer Law, to talk about the difference between contractors and employees, a...

How to Set Goals and Crush Them

In this episode, I'm going to show you how to set a BIG goal and how to crush it. This is the same goal-setting framework that I use to help my clients grow their priv...

3 Ways to Build a Healthy Culture in a Group Practice

Brent talks to Vanessa Scaringi & Kathryn Garland from Calm Counseling in Austin, Texas about ways to build a healthy culture in a group practice.

5 Reasons Why NOT to Start a Group Private Practice

Would expanding to a group practice be beneficial to your life right now? To help you answer these questions let’s dive into the 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT start a g...

Know Your “Why” So You Don’t Crash & Burn

Brent talks about how to discover your "why" and explains how to create a vision statement for your practice.

How to Transition a Group Practice to 100% Private Pay

Brent and Megan Humphreys, the owner of Thrive Couples Counseling, talk about how to transition a group practice to 100% private pay.

Why Your Website Needs a Privacy Policy

Donata and Brent talk about why mental health professionals need a Privacy Policy if you're receiving new client requests from your website.

What To Do When Someone Wants to Buy Your Counseling Practice

Brian and Brent talk about the different types of potential organizations that are looking to consolidate and buy mental health private practices.

How to Attract and Keep Top Talent Without Paying Them TOP Dollar (Or Going Broke)

Brent and Jamey discuss best hiring practices for private practices.

3 Solid Strategies for Creating a Successful & Sustainable Private Pay Practice

Dr. Deb Legge and Brent talk about the core strategies for creating and sustaining a private pay practice, focusing on the foundation, mindset, and plan of an owner!

Mind Your Business: 7 Steps to a Seven Figure Practice

Brent and Dr. Jamey Schrier talk in-depth about the necessary steps for any private practice owner to create a seven-figure business!

How to Pay Your Private Practice Clinicians

David Norton from Growing Our Practice shares his research of 40 private practices' employment and payment methods.

How to Manage Two Separate Private Practices

Brian Garibaldi chats about his interesting path into mental health and certain strengths needed to run private practices.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an EHR

Hillary Wolfe recounts her personal experience finding the right EHR for her practice and shares detailed advice on what NOT to do when searching for yours.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Private Practice Team

Brent brings Rory Tyer, an Executive Coach, on the show, and he shares key advice on how to manage your team of clinicians.

3 Local SEO Tips to Start Growing Your Private Practice Today

Liz and Robert Cortes of RebelFish Local give some key advice to small business owners on how to increase their SEO, and utilize the right type of content to get in fr...

How a Bookkeeper Can Save Your Private Practice & Make It Profitable

Nate Hendrikse returns for the third episode of the bookkeeping series to give more insight on what a good bookkeeper does specifically to make a business more profita...

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